Delstar Metal Finishing offers passivation services that meet the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) A 967 standards. The ASTM A967 standards help ensure quality passivation services using nitric acid immersion, citric acid immersion and electrochemical treatments.

What is ASTM A967 Passivation?

The ASTM A967 passivation standard applies to the cleaning, passivation and testing of stainless steel parts. Per passivation standard, ASTM A967 requires the parts to be immediately neutralized post immersion followed by a chemical treatment to treat the surface of the part. ASTM approved tests may include:

  • Water Immersion Test
  • High Humidity Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Copper Sulfate Test
  • Potassium Ferricyanide-Nitric Acid Test
  • Damp Cloth Test
  • Boiling Water Immersion Test
Federal Specification


Stainless Steel Passivation & More

Delstar is the industry leaders in stainless steel passivation services, meeting the ASTM A967 standards, as well as other finishing requirements. Located in Houston, Texas, Delstar Metal Finishing provides top quality, consistent passivated parts.

Large Passivating Capabilities

Delstar specializes in large-scale passivation. With no size restrictions,we are not limited by the tank size to passivate your part. If if can fit through our door, then our team of experts can passivate it!

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