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Delstar Facility in Houston, TX


Delstar Metal Finishing, Inc. is a Texas-based corporation formed in January of 2002 by members of the senior management of Delstar Corporation to purchase the operating assets and business interests of Delstar Corporation. Our goal is to continue Delstar's industry leadership and reputation, as well as, the tradition of delivering the highest quality electropolishing services, passivating, pickling, chemical cleaning and mechanical polishing to a wide range of industries worldwide.

Our new name better reflects the services we plan to offer in the future. In addition to our current quality leading processes, we now offer high quality sandblasting and protective coatings. Further, we plan to bring additional metal finishing and painting processes to market over the next several years.


Service and Capabilities

We are able to handle in our plant any item that can be brought in over-the-road. Our facility features multiple production lines with overhead cranes, enabling us to complete projects quickly and efficiently. Computerized procedures and bath chemistry controls assure consistency and repeatability of our finishing processes and electropolishing services.

We daily process items ranging from polishing the I.D. of 1/16 inch diameter tubing to huge process vessels the size of railroad tank cars. A "special project" area is maintained for large vessels and other projects, as well as a separate mechanical polishing area. Where a vessel or item is too large to bring to our plant, our mobile Field Service Team can provide our customers with full "in situ" (On-Site) metal finishing services anywhere in the world.

With more than 20 years of individual experience, senior Delstar technicians have a superior understanding of the physics, the chemistry, and the art of high-grade metals finishing. That knowledge, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced skill levels, produces a high degree of consistency in our finished products. What's more, we can provide turnkey SEM, AES, and ESCA certification from top U.S. independent laboratories.

Today, Delstar is the “vendor of choice” for many leading companies in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, food processing, petrochemical, nuclear, aerospace, and defense industries when it comes to electropolishing, chemical cleaning, mechanical polishing, sandblasting, and protective coatings. Ongoing investment in proprietary processes and controls has kept us on the cutting edge of the high-purity metals finishing industry.


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