Electropolishing & Passivation for Pharmaceuticals

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Pharmaceutical ElectropolishingPharmaceutical Processing

Like the semiconductor manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies place a significant premium on super-clean metal surfaces. As FDA contamination control requirements tighten, the use of electropolished equipment surfaces by this important industry has escalated dramatically. Delstar offers electropolishing and passivation metal finishing services for the pharmaceutical industries. The passivation process is used to create a thin layer to help prevent corrosion while removing iron compounds from the surface.

One of electropolishing's unique benefits is decontamination, promoting a surface that will not grow bacteria and creating a "featureless" surface that does not allow things to stick to it generally keeps the product flowing smoothly throughout your process systems. Spraying bleach on electropolished surfaces hurt the surface, but proper decontamination of electropolished surfaces promotes better sanitation. Electropolishing is used in both the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry on tanks, vessels, processing tanks, batch tanks and more. 

Today, virtually any high-purity piping or tubing system is electropolished, as well as the inside surfaces of pharmaceutical mixers, dry product delivery systems, filters, strainers, vessels, dies, dryers, choppers, cooling coils, plate coils, heat exchangers and other important hardware. For product-on-product, microbiological or other contamination problems, electropolishing offers the ultimate solution for stainless steel pharmaceutical components. The electropolishing process removes particulates, contaminants and other items on the surface by removing the top layer of metal. In the pharmaceutical industry, electropolishing helps improve production and improves flows with reduced adhesion. Contact us today to see how we can decontaminate your surface. 

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