Electropolishing for Petrochemical Industry

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Pharmaceutical ElectropolishingElectropolishing & Petrochemical Processing

For some industries, the super-clean microscopic metal surface produced by electropolishing is the primary attraction. Others, like petrochemical companies, rely on this important process for producing easy-to-clean macro surfaces. Whether it's heat exchanger tubing, product transfer pipe, and related pipeline components, or large storage tanks and process vessels, electropolishing lengthens the time between cleanings and dramatically reduces the amount of man-hours and effort associated with required cleaning. The result is more productivity due to less down-time. Delstar provides metal finishing services including electropolishing and passivation for the petrochemical industry. Our capabilities are not limited by size as we offer tankless passivation services. On-site services are also available!

Electropolished metals used in applications related to the petrochemical industry come into contact with corrosive materials common to both marine and oil and gas settings.  Electropolishing benefits a company's bottom line by improving the material.  Other advantages include:

  • Increased Production Capacity
  • Extended Duty Cycles
  • Decreased Fouling, Plugging, Scaling and Other General Product Build Up
  • Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency

Experience tells us that any container used in mixing, blending or storage processes for liquids or powders is an excellent candidate for electropolishing. The non-stick qualities of an electropolished surface have obvious advantages in these applications. Companies who have used electropolished parts successfully in petrochemical and chemical processing applications include ExxonMobil, Shell, Dow Chemical, BASF, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., Dupont, Albemarle, Solutia and many others.

The principle service that Delstar Metal Finishing performs is electropolishing but we are also able to do passivation, metal pickling, and chemical cleaning as well as other metal finishing services. Please contact us today to find out more.

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