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We are now offering on-site industrial sandblasting services at our headquarters in northwest Houston. Our new sandblasting booth accommodates industrial equipment of all shapes and sizes and allows us to use glass bead blasting or aluminum oxide blasting to polish nearly any surface.

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Industrial Blasting Uses:

  • Remove oxides (e.g. rust)
  • Prepare metals for plating
  • Add a finish to your completed surfaces
  • Remove coatings (e.g. paint)

Glass Bead Blasting

If your worn-down equipment can fit inside our 10'H x 9'W x 22'L blasting booth, then our glass bead blasting method can provide you with a brighter, smoother finish than a typical angular abrasive. While our glass bead blasting process may take longer to polish your tarnished equipment, it is gentler than our aluminum oxide blasting. We suggest that you use glass bead blasting for thinner, delicate materials. The glass bead blasting method is environmentally friendly. No chemicals are used throughout the process, and the glass beads can simply be recycled after use.


Aluminum Oxide

If you are looking for a more aggressive polish, then our aluminum oxide blasting is the right solution for you. Aluminum oxide should be used when polishing heavily rusted items or used on items where your main objective is to remove an existing material without compromising the integrity of the equipment.


Standard Mesh Sizes

Besides choosing between our blasting medias, it is just as important to choose the appropriate mesh size. The mesh size simply refers to the gauge, or coarseness, of the abrasives. If you need help choosing which is right for you, you can contact a Delstar specialist today.


Sandblasting Services

If you are in need of a quotation on any of our existing or new products, please give us a call at 713-849-2090.







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