AL6XN Passivation

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When operating environments are too hot or corrosive for standard stainless steel, your application might need AL6XN. This weldable stainless steel alloy has elevated resistance to chlorides found in demanding high-purity and food-processing applications. 

AL6XN parts can gain an even greater advantage over premature degradation by undergoing pickling and passivation at Delstar Metal Finishing. As a premier metal finishing service provider, our area of expertise is helping materials perform better in high-temperature, corrosive conditions. 


Benefits of AL6XN Passivation

Like other stainless steels, AL6XN can degrade before use. Fabrication with carbon steel tooling or improper handling can lead to contamination, reducing part usability and lifespan. Pickling and passivation are used to reverse these adverse effects while boosting corrosion resistance. 

Passivation of AL6XN with the proper bath chemistry will remove contamination from the surface while supporting the formation of a protective oxide barrier. Advantages of AL6XN passivation include:


  • Extends The Product Lifespan
  • Removes Surface Contaminants
  • Lowers Maintenance Costs
  • No Discoloration
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Superior Surface Cleanliness


Helping critical applications perform better

Passivation can make the difference between satisfactory performance and premature failure. Industries that benefit from AL6XN pickle/passivation include: 


Passivation maximizes AL6XN part longevity, helping applications function reliably for many years.


The AL6XN passivation experts

With more than two decades of experience, Delstar Metal Finishing is a leading AL6XN part passivation provider. As an ISO 9001:2015-certified metal finisher, we take great pride in attention to detail, strict quality assurance, and quick turnaround.

No matter the part characteristics or order quantity, our dedicated team can meet your AL6XN stainless steel passivation needs. 

Contact us to learn more about our AL6XN passivation services. 

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