Electropolishing & Passivation for Nuclear Industry

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nuclear electropolishingReduce Radioactive Contaminants 

Electropolishing is a critical finish in the nuclear industry. Used to polish surfaces located in radioactive environments, electropolishing reduces contamination pick-up and increases the effectiveness of conventional decontamination techniques. The process can be used to decontaminate radioactive metallic surfaces to non-detectable levels. Any contamination located on or embedded in the surface can be removed by the electropolishing process. In addition, the residually contaminated electrolyte can be removed in the rinsing operation. A very effective application for electropolishing is the polishing of nuclear plant re-circulation piping for stress-relief of internal surfaces which have already been mechanically polished.

Delstar Metal Finishing has decades of experience in electropolishing and passivation for the nuclear industry. Our electropolishing capabilities are not limited to stainless steel. We commonly electropolish SS 304, 316, 303, 17-4, 420, 17-4, duplex alloys & more. Delstar is an ISO 9001:2015 certified metal finishing shop with on-site services available. Delstar has no size restrictions on its metal finishing processes as we offer tankless passivating & electropolishing services. 

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