Medical Device Electropolishing

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medical electropolishingMetal Finishing for the Medical Industry

For many years, the medical field has been a major beneficiary of electropolishing. All hospital, medical and surgical equipment (scalpels, clamps, saws, bone and joint implants, prosthetic devices, burn beds and rehabilitation whirlpools) are typically electropolished to facilitate cleaning and achieve high levels of non-contamination. All metal articles exposed to radiation and requiring regular decontamination also are prime candidates for electropolishing. 

One of electropolishing's unique benefits is decontamination, promoting a surface that will not grow bacteria and creating a "featureless" surface that does not allow things to stick to it generally keeps the product flowing smoothly throughout your process systems. Spraying bleach on electropolished surfaces hurt the surface, but proper decontamination of electropolished surfaces promotes better sanitation. Electropolishing is used in both the Medical and Bio-Pharmaceutical industry on tanks, vessels, processing tanks, batch tanks and more. 


Passivation for medical devices is used as a process to remove tiny particles from the surface to help prevent future corrosion. Passivation attacks only the free irons, not changing the appearance of the surface of the medical device. This process also allows for higher bath temperatures & the use of ultrasonics.

Delstar Metal Finishing has decades of experience in implant & medical device electropolishing and passivation. Our electropolishing capabilities are not limited to stainless steel. We commonly electropolish the following metal alloys for the medical industry:

  • SS 304, 316, 303, 420, 17-4
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Carbon Steel
  • Copper
  • Tool Steel
  • Duplex alloys
  • And more.

Delstar is an ISO 9001:2015 certified metal finishing shop with on-site services available.


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