Electropolishing For Energy Exploration

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Pharmaceutical ElectropolishingElectropolishing for the Downhole & Offshore Equipment

Delstar is a leading provider of electropolishing services for the energy exploration industry. The energy exploration industry is a new customer for electropolishing. Also known as electrochemical polishing, anodic polishing or electrolytic polishing, electropolishing is an electrochemical method which removes material from a metallic workpiece in order to minimize the surface roughness by smoothing out micro-peaks and valleys. Electropolishing allows the true properties of the metal to be displayed which prepares it to withstand the conditions it will be exposed to in offshore and energy exploration. It provides three distinct characteristics:

  • Adhesion Reduction
  • Heat Transfer
  • Corrosion resistance

Electropolished metals used in processes related to offshore oil exploration including downhole applications like drilling frequently come into contact with corrosive materials typical to a marine setting as well as materials traditionally seen in an oil and gas setting. We offer electropolishing on a wide array of downhole equipment, mainly for super-passivation against sour gas attack. In improving the metal's properties, electropolishing therefore helps to positively influence a company's bottom line.  Other advantages include:

  • Increased Production Capacity
  • Extended Duty Cycles
  • Decreased Fouling, Plugging, Scaling and Other General Product Build Up
  • Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency

In addition, Delstar's electropolishing capabilities include many off-shore rig components for protection against salt air and water exposure, including blow-out preventer assemblies, instrumentation, piping, pumps, valves, condensers, and thermowells.

Delstar Metal Finishing preforms electropolishing services for a variety of shapes of all sizes. This allows us to machine parts used for even very specific energy-related applications.  We are also able to offer other services such as passivation, metal pickling, and chemical cleaning as well as other metal finishing techniques. Please contact us today to find out more.

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