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Delstar offers an extensive line of on-site ("in-situ") services. Our experienced and qualified mobile technicians know how to get the job done right. From complete vessel refinishing to in-line passivation and chemical cleaning, Delstar provides unmatched quality and service.

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Our Services Include:

  • Complete on-site mechanical polishing and vessel refinishing.
  • Complete on-site electropolishing for product release and high-purity electropolished surfaces.
  • Surface finishes down to 2 Ra, which will meet or exceed even the most demanding pharmaceutical, nuclear or semiconductor standards.
  • Complete on-site passivating and chemical cleaning. Caustic acid or citric acid cleaning. Citric acid or nitric acid passivating of equipment and re-circulating systems such as DI water closed loop systems, Clean-in-place systems (CIP), etc.
  • Certified safety training. All of Delstar's mobile technicians are trained locally and at your facility if required.
  • Certified chemical and waste management training.
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your job requirements.




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