Electropolishing for Military / Defense

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metal finishing for defense Highest Standards in Metal Finishing

Electropolishing is used in a wide range of confidential defense applications, as well as other applications that are not restricted. One non-restricted application is the electropolishing of the inside of rifle and cannon barrels to reduce fouling accumulation and improve the interior ballistics of the weapon. Delstar operates a wholly-owned subsidiary that performs electropolishing on rifles and cannon barrels, as well as other classified and non-classified applications. Other applications that utilize metal finishing processes include suspension components, vehicle components, optical devices, weapon & satellite components as well as shells, shields, underbody and arms.

As the experts in metal finishing, Delstar Metal Finishing is a provider of electropolishing and passivation for the military/defense industry. Our capabilities expand beyond stainless steels and include carbon steels, titanium, exotic alloys & more. Delstar offers on-site metal finishing services to help get your job done efficiently. Delstar is an ISO 9001:2015 metal finishing shop - our metal finishing processes cannot be matched. Contact us for more information today regarding our metal finishing services for the military/defense industry.

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