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Shipping and ReceivingStaffed with knowledgeable professionals and their helpers, Delstar's Shipping & Receiving department takes charge of your shipment on our dock. After your job has been completed, our dedicated staff will ensure that all components are properly wrapped and packaged for delivery anywhere in the world.

electropolishing racksThe development of the proper tooling for each electropolishing job is critical to maintaining quality. Trained technicians with years of experience work in our Tooling Department, where custom racks are designed and fabricated for each customer's product. In instances where a large number of identical parts are to be electropolished over many months, custom racks are inventoried for the customer and subsequently rebuilt as required.

electropolishing in houstonDelstar's electropolishing technicians are among the very best in the United States. With nearly a century of combined experience, these technicians have mastered the art and the science of electropolishing. Working with objects ranging in size from needles to huge storage tanks, Delstar electropolishing technicians have seen and done it all.

Quality ControlThe primary job function of the Delstar's Quality Control Inspector is to represent the customer's quality requirements in our shop. Reporting directly to Delstar's president, their job is to make sure that nothing leaves the Delstar plant that is not 100 percent right.

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