Oxygen Cleaning

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Oxygen cleaning is a chemical cleaning, surface preparation service that Delstar offers for products intended for use in oxygen and high purity processes and environments that can extend the life and performance of a part. Cleaning for oxygen services can be used on any piece of equipment or system. The oxygen cleaning process prepares a product to be in an oxygen-enriched environment by removing combustible contaminants. Contaminants can be oils, waste, paper, fiber, dust, solvents, weld slag, dirt and sand. These substances contain residual hydrocarbons and particles that when exposed to oxygen-rich environments, can result in a combustible reaction or burn.

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Materials for Oxygen Cleaning

Typical materials that go through oxygen cleaning include stainless steel, copper, Inconel, low carbon steel, Hastelloy, titanium and other various alloys. Example parts and products that are oxygen cleaned are tubes, gauges, valves, hoses and fittings.


Why Clean for Oxygen Services?

Not properly cleaning your surfaces for oxygen can cause vulnerability and make your system more susceptible to fire or an explosion. The residue left on the parts, if not properly cleaned for oxygen services, can hinder the performance by increasing friction. With the excess friction and the increased volatility in environments with higher oxygen content, it can potentially be an ignition source which can result in an explosive reaction.

Delstar Metal Finishing will properly clean for oxygen and package your equipment so that it can remain pure for storage and transportation until installation and initial exposure with the oxygen environment. Once cleaned for oxygen, the part can be labeled to meet the needs of our customers.

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